Addiction And Recovery

Addiction is a chronic and sometimes fatal condition characterized by an obsession and compulsion to use alcohol or other drugs despite negative consequences.  Addiction affects all people differently.  Sometimes the addicted person is able to hold things together and hide the severity of the problem for a while. Sometimes the problem is more obvious. Regardless of the situation, recovery is possible. Recovery might look different for every individual. What might have worked for one does not guarantee it will work for all. We define recovery as: 

" a positive process of self-improvement that utilizes self-determination and consists of renewing the mind, healing the body, awakening the spirit, and reconnecting with society. 

Usually a person uses as a way to numb. The numbing is really effective for while, but then the answer to their problem becomes their problem.  

We can help you work on the underlying pain that causes you to turn to drugs and alcohol. 

Counseling can be an excellent supplement to your recovery program. During counseling sessions, clients analyze their use history and patterns, what triggers them and what skills they have used to control impulses in the past. Clients would also learn new healthy ways of coping and self soothing so they can manage the cravings without using.

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