Adult ADHD

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Do you have Adult ADHD?

Do you struggle with staying focused or completing tasks?
Do you struggle with impulsivity?
Do people call you messy?
Do you find yourself losing things or forgetting things often?
Do you have a hard time prioritizing tasks?
Do you have to re-read things?
Do you struggle with emotional regulation?
Do you always need to be doing something?
Do you ever relax?

ADHD is an executive functioning impairment

Individuals with ADHD have an executive functioning impairment. Executive functioning is a very important part of the brain that controls your ability to focus, plan (explains difficulty prioritizing or keeping track of tasks), pay attention, working memory (explains forgetfulness and losing stuff), impulse control (explains inability to sit still and/or impulsivity and/or careless/recklessness), and emotional regulation.

The brains of individuals with ADHD have shown to have lower norepinephrine and dopamine production. 

Neurodivergent is a term used to refer to a person whose brain processes information differently that the typical brain.

Having ADHD your entire life can result in the internalization of negative messages that are disempowering. Individuals with ADHD often hear messages like "Why can't you just sit still/stop talking/pay attention", "You are so impulsive/reckless/hyper". This negative self talk creates a barrage of messages that affect self-esteem. Many of those living with Adult, undiagnosed ADHD think: There is something wrong with me; I am different; I am not good enough; I have to be perfect to please other, etc., etc.

Our work together will focus on:

Learning Skills for Accommodation
Learning Skills for Modification
Reversing negative beliefs that are affecting self esteem.
Planning/Organizing & Time Management
Learning & Practicing Emotional Regulation Techniques

Adults with ADHD who have healthy coping skills can generally accomplish great things. 

At Pittsburgh Therapy Group, we work to empower clients by reversing their negative internalized beliefs and through executive functioning skills training. In doing so, clients learn emotional regulation techniques, hacks to increase ability to focus, and skills to improve time management and organizational skills. 

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