Adult ADHD

Online and in-person therapy in Pittsburgh, PA


Do you struggle with staying focused or completing tasks?
Do you struggle with impulsivity?
Do people call you messy?
Do you find yourself losing things or forgetting things often?
Do you have a hard time prioritizing tasks?
Do you have to re-read things?

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When we think of ADHD, we usually think of a disorder that affects children, but adults also struggle with ADHD. Having ADHD your entire life can result in the internalization of negative messages that are disempowering. Some people, when told, they have a disorder which makes it difficult to focus, will believe that and not even try, and if we dont ever try because we were told at a young age we cant, then we will never learn. Individuals with ADHD often hear messages like "Why cant you just sit still/stop talking/pay attention", "You are so impulsive/reckless/hyper". It creates the the belief that I am less capable than others. That is not true; You are just as capable, if not more capable than others, in some ways. Individuals with ADHD who are able to channel it in a positive direction and have self soothing ability, can usually accomplish great things due to their ability to be excellent multitaskers. They also tend to get more things done because they have more motivation and energy than the average person.  

I work to empower my clients by reversing these negative beliefs and helping my clients learn ways of self soothing, increasing ability to focus, improving time management skills, and organization. 

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