Anxiety, Panic Disorders

EMDR for Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Anxiety is the feeling of nervousness that generally results from a fear of something. Anxiety will also result when our real selves (who we actually are) and our ideal selves (who we hope to be) are out of alignment. 

Anxiety can be characterized by worry, dread, and even panic. It is often accompanied by tightness in the chest, tension in other areas of the body, GI upset, and more.

Anxiety and panic attacks seem to be trauma's way of getting our attention. 

Panic attacks are often the result of suppressed emotions. 

I use EMDR Therapy to inquire about the current symptoms and trace those back to their origin. EMDR works to desensitize and reprocess the old "stuck" memories that are causing the present day disturbances. In the process, EMDR therapy reduces negative beliefs about self and clears the trauma from the body. 

Some clients report a reduction in anxiety after just one EMDR session.

I offer individual EMDR Therapy and EMDR Intensive Therapy for accelerated healing.  

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