Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma Specialists

I specialize in treating childhood trauma in the form of emotional neglect or in treating adult children of emotionally immature parents. 

  • I work with adults who grew up feeling invalidated, like their emotional needs didn't matter or were unimportant. 
  • I work with adult children of emotionally immature parents. 
  • I work with adults who feel an endless amount of shame and guilt no matter their accomplishments. 
  • I work with adults who believe it wasn't  and isn't ok to show emotions.
  • I work with adults who have/had a narcissistic parent. 
  • I work with adults who struggle in relationships. 
  • I work with clients who have insecure attachment styles and abandonment issues. 

Symptoms of Childhood Trauma

Are you?

  • struggling with feelings of not good enoughness in relationships? or that you have to be perfect? or that nothing you do is ever good enough?
  • struggling with relationship anxiety and fears of abandonment or rejection?
  • Has another relationship failed and you are noticing a pattern?
  • Do you have a narcissistic parent who you are struggling to tolerate?

I can help. 

Childhood trauma triggers can last a lifetime if never treated, but with treatment, most people can have happier, less triggered lives and learn to have happier, healthier relationships. I help clients change the negative beliefs about themselves that originated in childhood and are still causing them pain.


I use a mindfulness-based approach to teach clients self soothing techniques, self care strategies, and self compassion. I incorporate Ayurvedic breath-work as part of coping skills training.

I use EMDR therapy to help client's desensitize trauma triggers and reprocess trauma memories. In doing so, the negative beliefs they have about themselves change and the trauma is cleared from the body. As a result, clients are less triggered by things that use to trigger them. They feel more confident about themselves and safe in the world. 

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