Relationship Issues

Relationships After Childhood Trauma

Relationships are difficult for people who grew up in dysfunctional homes for a number of reasons. Some individuals have a hard time with relationships due to their attachment style. Other individuals never had a healthy, supportive, and loving relationship modeled to them, and so they don't know what one looks like. Some people might have been neglected or felt unloved growing up, or were emotionally invalidated throughout their childhood, so in adulthood when someone tries to love them, they either reject it or stay in an abusive situation because they fear no one will ever love them again. Some people experience relationship anxiety or rejection sensitivity and require constant reassurance because they fear abandonment 

Whatever the reason, I provide counseling to to support those experiencing these and other issues as a result of childhood trauma or another form of trauma. If you have an insecure attachment style or abandonment issues, they can be healed. My women's group is largely centered around insecure attachment styles and how to cope. 

I use a combination of CBT, mindfulness, guided imagery, and EMDR to clear out the old defeating relationship patterns, heal the abandonment wounds and increase self love and self compassion. 

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