Relationship Issues

Relationships After Childhood Trauma

Relationships are difficult for many people with a history of childhood trauma.

At birth, we are hardwired with a need to attach. When we cannot safely and securely attach to our caregivers, many people will develop an insecure attachment style. Having an insecure attachment style, whether it be anxious/avoidant or disorganized, can cause significant difficulties in relationships. 

I can help you heal an insecure attachment style. 

I provide education on attachment styles and the significant role they play in all of our relationships. I teach skills to repair an insecure attachment style. I teach clients to recognize the patterns that are keeping them stuck in relationships that are lacking closeness and feel unloving. 

Is feeling unloved preventing you from finding love?

If you grew up feeling chronically invalidated and dismissed, like your feelings didn't matter or were "too much" for your parent to handle, this can cause difficulties in relationships too. Some people develop a sense of not being good enough; Some clients develop a lack faith that another person could even meet their needs. Both of these things become self fulfilling prophecies. 

Individuals who grew up feeling invalidated and dismissed have some of the most lifelong difficulties in relationships because no one modeled for them what love was supposed to look and feel like. They end up taking whatever they can get and learning hard lessons along the way. 

I specialize in treating these types of childhood traumas.  I work with clients whose parents were emotionally unavailable, for whatever reason, and/or were emotionally abusive. 

I provide education on attachment theory and use EMDR Therapy to heal old, unresolved attachment wounds, heal abandonment wounds, increase confidence, self love and self compassion. 

Close, loving, trusting relationships, after trauma, ARE possible. 


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