Fees & Insurance


Jaymee Krauter, MS, CAADC, LPC is currently in network with and accepting the following insurances: Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield (including Select Blue, PPO, Anthem and others), UPMC Health Plan, United HealthCare (OPTUM), UMR, Cigna, and Life Solutions.  If you do not have health insurance see below for the fee for service schedule.   

FEE SCHEDULE - Effective 07.01.22

Partial psychotherapy session 30-50 minutes - $75/session

Standard 50 minute psychotherapy session $75/session

Crisis Session (w/in 24 hrs) $125/ 50 min. session

EMDR 60 min. session - $125

EMDR 120 min. intensive session - $250

EMDR 180 min. intensive session - $375

Self Soothing Skills - $105/ 60 min. session

Anger Management Skills - $105/ 60 min. session

Group therapy - $50/ 60 min. session

Late (less than 24 hrs) cancellation/No show fee - $75

Preparation of medical records - $75/hr.

Service animal letters - $75/hr.

Misc. letters - $75/hr. 


Communications, prep and appearance (phone, text/SMS, email, written letters, preparation of records, court appearance, etc.)

$1,000 retainer, $150/hr + travel and expenses, $250/hr for testimony and preparation of testimony

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